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Our pet food laboratories offer full testing services to pet nutrition.

Pet Food Nutrition label analysis

In compliance with 21 CFR 501 FDA Animal Food Labeling, and Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), it requires that food nutrient content claims must be consistent. NPA Laboratories, LLC providespet food nutrition label testing services to the manufacturers.

Our pet food testing services are as follows

Pet food product stability and shelf life study
This test is based on temperature and storage condition. The following testing services to determine the product shelf life:
Pet Food Adulteration Analysis
By Regulations, food is considered adulteration by
Our testing laboratories provide adulteration test services to our clients to ensure the pet food products are safe and free from pesticides, natural toxins, mycotoxins, filth and extraneous materials, chemical ingredients and meet the regulatory requirements.

Microbiology testing

Our lab offers full microbiology testing analysis for pathogen bacteria such as

Pet Food Ingredients testing
At NPA Laboratories, we use public compendium testing methods to analysis food ingredients such as AOAC, FCC, Codex Alimentarius, etc. to ensure the food ingredients meet their specifications.

If you have any more questions about our testing laboratories services, please contact us for more information.