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NPA Laboratories, LLC has provided quality testing lab services to municipalities, consultants and private industry. NPA Laboratories, LLC provides analytical testing laboratory services for food, nutrition, vitamin, dietary supplements, herbal, and cosmetic products from raw materials to finished products.

Due to expansion and growth, in 2008 NPA Laboratories has relocated in Santa Ana, California. This new location is more space than previous location in Garden Grove, California and it is easy accessible to major southern California freeways.

Our new location is equipped with the very latest in analytical testing laboratories instruments including HPLC, GC, NIR, and other laboratory equipment, providing our laboratory staff with the necessary level of sophistication to perform the required analyses quickly, accuracy, and according to standardized testing laboratory methods.

Our scientists, chemists, and microbiologists, including PhD in Biochemistry and PhD in Food Chemistry, with at least over 10 years of experience in analytical testing and formulation will commit to provide excellent quality services to our customer, our QA/QC program in place at NPA Laboratories is responsible for the accuracy of analytical testing results and compliance with current regulatory requirements.