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NPA Laboratories maintains strict confidentiality of all client information. Confidentiality agreements are provided upon client's request.

Payment Terms

Payment terms are in advance for all clients except those whose credit has been established with our company. Those companies whose credit has been established with our company, the standard terms are net 21 days, after which a 2% per month service charge is added to all unpaid balances.

Please pay to:

NPA Laboratories, LLC - 3410 W. MacArthur Blvd Suite D Santa Ana, Ca 92704

Rush Service

A rush charge is added to the list fee if rush testing analysis is required. A rush charge day begins no later than 11:00 A.M. otherwise 8:00 A.M. the following morning. Rush fees range from 25%-100% of the analysis cost, depending on the turn around time requirement. Please call for accurate testing pricing.

Testing Standards

The sponsor will provide the testing standards required for quoted projects, or if purchased by NPA Laboratories the cost of the standards may be billed to the customer.

Sample Submittal

All testing samples submitted to the lab must be accompanied with the provided chain of custody form; otherwise samples will not be processed. Turn-around times are subject to change based on type of test required and time of day that samples are received. NPA Laboratories reserves the right to refuse to accept any test samples upon NPA Laboratories’ personal and professional discretion.

Sample Retention

Upon reporting of analytical results, test samples are retained in NPA Laboratories’ storage facilities as follows:

NPA Laboratories must be notified in writing if samples are to be held for periods longer than those indicated, whereas, a storage fee will apply. If no notification is received NPA Laboratories will dispose of the test samples accordingly. Customer agrees to pay for any special disposal handling fees incurred.


All reports are issued on a clear and concise Report of Laboratory Analysis. Custom reports can also be generated to meet special client requirements. There is a 35$ fee for provision of all raw data, including notebook pages and any chromatograms. The reports are retained for a period of two (2) years after which the records are destroyed. If additional copies of reports are requested during the retention period a $35.00 fee will apply for each set.


A list of NPA Laboratories test prices is provided to the customers upon request. Due to the difference in sample preparation time for different products NPA Laboratories reserves the right to set pricing accordingly. Test prices are generated through quotes. All quotes are valid for the period stated on quote, and become null and void after said period. For more common/usury tests, prices are subject to change without notice. Laboratory minimum fee is US $75.00

Returned Check Fee

A US $35.00 returned check fee would be assessed on all checks that are returned.

Test Methods

All test methods are carried out according to the official protocols, including, but not limited to USP, AHP, FCC, AOAC, CFR, FDA/BAM, and AOCS, or customer provided procedures. Published compendia methods are assumed valid and will be followed as is. If a non-validated method is used for analysis of a product NPA Laboratories is not responsible in any way for the accuracy of test results. Validation of a method for analysis of a product is the responsibility of the sponsor and is available through NPA Laboratories.